Cloud Or Fog?

By September 30, 2012Blog, Smart Cloud

Reading the article entitled “Lifting the fog on cloud adoption” in the The Age recently certainly reminded us of a lot of conversations we have with clients and potential clients, who have heard a lot about ‘this cloud thing’ and wonder if it’s for them. For the reasons in the SMH article and some other reasons we’ve blogged about before, businesses need to consider this on a case by case basis.

To recapitulate the big thinking points:

  • Speed of access.
    If your full data set is in the cloud, hope that your data aren’t large, or that you’re on the NBN. Clients like architects or photographers, with huge data files, will still struggle.
  • Transitioning issues and costs.
    As the Age article points out, the initial implementation of cloud can be very expensive. Of course, new on-site server implementations aren’t free either, but the level of complexity is often less.
  • Organisation-wide view.
    The cloud might look advantageous for some parts of your business, but are there other parts of your business that require maintaining a local server? If there are, will you be duplicating infrastructure, or disrupting cross-functional workflows?
  • Security and compliance.
    You may have obligations in regard to the private data of individuals you store in the cloud. For readers in Victoria, the Privacy Commissioner offers a good summary of your business’s privacy obligations when outsourcing.

If you’re at all confused by this cloud thing, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll try to set you straight without sounding too nebulous…