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eSmart Digital Licence launch – The Alannah and Madeline Foundation | Google | CoreMind

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Google Australia launched the eSmart Digital Licence today at The King’s School, Sydney. CoreMind spearheaded the development of this exciting initiative for primary school kids. With Google’s $1.2 million in financial support, the eSmart Digital Licence is available free to the almost 300,000 grade 6 students in Australia in […]

Dropbox for Business – now suitable for business!

Exciting news today. Dropbox has introduced new features for Dropbox for Business (via an Early Access Program if you are an existing subscriber). Why is this news? For many years, consumer cloud services have lead the way in convenience, usability and minimal systems administration. These services have very rarely lived up to the challenges of a […]

Data Security – thinking beyond the perimeter

Data security is top of mind at the moment. Based on my recent client experiences, most SMEs are focused on the “security perimeter” and keeping people outside the network. But in these days of BYOD, wireless, USB memory sticks and in some cases, open and unmanaged endpoints, the vast majority of threats are likely to […]

Cloud or fog?

Reading the article entitled “Lifting the fog on cloud adoption” in the The Age recently certainly reminded us of a lot of conversations we have with clients and potential clients, who have heard a lot about ‘this cloud thing’ and wonder if it’s for them. For the reasons in the SMH article and some other […]

3D Printing is ready for you

We’ve had our eye on 3D printing technology for a while. Apart from being blow-you-away cool, it’s the kind of tech that is a game-changer for any company working in the design space. It’s another way for architects to communicate with clients; a fly-through you can hold. It’s real-time prototyping without the pain and drudgery […]

Modem routers–unsexy but important

Here at CoreMind, we’re into hardware testing in a big way. Not all hardware is created equal, and paying more for hardware is not an assurance of better quality. Doing our own stress testing on the network, storage and desktop hardware we deploy gives us confidence that we give our clients fantastic reliability and value […]

Understandable contracts

Just a quick heads up and congratulations to the team behind ToS;DR – “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read”. We salute your efforts to bring more transparency to the world. [When we wrote our Managed IT contract, we made the lawyer use our plain English phrases. It was very uncomfortable for them, but we won over […]

Monitoring your IT Contract

Some businesses apply a ‘set and forget’ attitude to IT, as outlined in this recent report on “IT outsourcing mega-deals” from The Age. We don’t operate in the IBM etc space, but that doesn’t make the lessons any less valuable. We generally recommend our clients review their IT Strategy approximately every 3 months. Our agreements […]

Upcoming live streaming – customer service and marketing | Internode

Last week I attended a great seminar courtesy of Internode, which featured <a href="http://www.martingrunstein.com.au/”>Martin Grunstein, the self-titled “customer service expert”. He certainly knows his stuff, even if his website is a little staid and ‘consultanty’! I don’t normally spruik this kind of stuff, particularly not about “Sales! Sales! Sales!”, but I find Martin’s stuff refreshingly […]

The need to back up The Cloud

The mainstream press is full of <a href="http://www.smartcompany.com.au/information-technology/051078-icloud-failure-businesses-told-to-back-up-after-hacker-wipes-tech-reporter-s-devices.html”>articles about Cloud failures at the moment. Continuing on from my recent thoughts on the Cloud, it is clear that people are now starting to realise this ‘cloud’ thing needs to be backed up. OK, great. But how exactly do you do that? In short, with extreme difficulty. […]