Improve your employee efficiency by leveraging technology

Every business is different, but they share one commonality, they all have employees.

Sharpest Report #4Sometimes, technology lets your business and your employees down by:

  • Being slow
  • Not working
  • Not leveraging easily automated tasks
  • Not using “fit-for-purpose” software
  • Using cloud services with slow internet

By engaging Coremind for an initial business efficiency audit, and then ongoing from as little as $38 per week, we can assist you to do the following:

  • Identify technology in your business which is not keeping up with the workload
  • Identify technology risks and security risks
  • Assist with development of bridges between software to automate repetitive tasks
  • Identify the points where technology causes employee inefficiency
  • Assess internet usage and actual connection speeds
  • Recommend technology upgrades or improvements with the highest EROI™ – Efficiency Return on Investment
  • Provide you with a quantifiable return on investment showing actual increased employee output (see image on the right)