Managed IT Services for [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”Not-for-Profit Organisations”]

Managed IT Services for the Not-for-Profit Industry

Hi [capsule_contact detail=”first name” placeholder=”you”]!

Thank you very much for your time on the phone. Below is some information about CoreMind, and how we work with Not-for-Profit Organisations to help to streamline, increase efficiency, decrease risk and increase employee satisfaction.

Here at CoreMind, we understand that most Not-for-Profit Organisations are so busy reaching their goals, that they spend little time implementing IT systems that work seamlessly with how their business operates.

This causes bottlenecks, employee frustration, forgotten tasks, inconsistent results and inefficiencies due to double handling of data. It can also put the Organisation in a real position of risk, but of loss of data, and potential legal situations.

IT shouldn’t be an afterthought, and many times it is just that. A well planned and thought-out IT system can save [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”you”] many employee hours by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring that important files are backed up automatically, that the systems perform when they are needed and that downtime from crashes are minimised; not to mention that Directors aren’t pulled away from important tasks to help fix an employee’s computer system.

We work to a stringent process, where we not only uncover the cause of problems, we can also identify key changes which will have the greatest impact on the efficiency, productivity, quality and happiness of [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”the Organisation”].

Unlike other IT companies, we don’t try to change everything at once, which causes great upheaval to the Organisation; we work on a part at a time, involving employee’s and stakeholders in the solution, then get it implemented and working seamlessly, before moving onto another task.

Our unique process

We focus on what’s important to you, working at an appropriate pace which is in line with [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”the Organisation”]’s resources and which does not cause disruption to your every day activities.

Our process allows us to identify problems and inefficiencies, plan and implement strategies to solve pain points at [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”the Organisation”].

You can see our process, by clicking on the image to the right. This process allows us to work with you, at your pace.


  • No IT policy

  • Old, unmanaged workstations

  • Piecemeal, unintegrated systems

  • Constant IT failures

  • No IT software assessment skills

  • Double handling of data - rekeying data into different systems

  • Employee productivity losses and frustration from IT downtime

  • Risk of data loss


  • IT policies, procedures and strategy in place

  • Managed, consistent workstations – low failure rate, long lifespan

  • Integrated custom systems

  • Default expectation of working IT systems and a focus on workflow improvement

  • Identify and integrate technology into workflows

  • Employee productivity optimisation, double handling reduced

  • Employee Job Satisfaction, frustration reduction

  • Minimisation of risk of data loss

Your Account Management contact is David Kellam, on 1300 88 99 25 or (03) 9993 0400, or via email