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Managed IT Services for the Not-for-Profit Industry

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Below is some information about CoreMind, and how we work with Not-for-Profit Organisations to help to streamline, increase efficiency, decrease risk and increase employee satisfaction.

Here at CoreMind, we understand that most Not-for-Profit Organisations are so busy reaching their goals, that they spend little time implementing IT systems that work seamlessly with how their business operates.

We work to a stringent process, where we not only uncover the cause of problems, we can also identify key changes which will have the greatest impact on the efficiency, productivity, quality and happiness of [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”the Organisation”].

Unlike other IT companies, we don’t try to change everything at once, which causes great upheaval to the Organisation; we work on a part at a time, involving employee’s and stakeholders in the solution, then get it implemented and working seamlessly, before moving onto another task.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT is a service which allows you to remove responsibility from the employees of the Organisation, so you can focus on achieving your mission.

We strategise, plan, and implement IT systems which best suit your Organisation and are customised to how you work, not a “one size fits all” approach, but a tailored and designed system to help [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”the Organisation”] be more nimble, more efficient and productive & experience less frustrations in relation to IT.

We can help [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”your Organisation”]

Software Development Services

Our Software Development services allow Organisations to effectively connect existing software applications in order to reduce double handling of data, human error, reduce time spent on tasks by employees, increase workflow efficiencies, and automate common tasks.

This significantly increases the ability of Organisations to be able to provide fast and relevant services to their stakeholders, decrease risk, increase productivity and reach their mission goals.

Help [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”your Organisation”] save time, money and do more with less, today.

IT Relocation Services

Our IT Relocation services allow Organisations to move to a new office, or set up new branch locations without having to worry about their IT systems, requirements at the new site or if the work will be done on time.

CoreMind handles the entire process, from auditing prospective office locations, recommending requirements before move, planning rollover, liaising with other service companies such as electrician’s and fitout companies, and managing the end-to-end IT specific requirements for the move.

Make [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”your Organisation”]’s move simple, with CoreMind.

Cloud Services

Thinking about moving to the cloud?

If so, CoreMind can assist with the move, and can make it a seamless experience. We can identify potential problems with the move prior to “flicking the switch” to ensure that measures are in place so that the move to the cloud is as pain-free as possible and that [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”the Organisation”] experiences little downtime as a result.

In addition to this, we can consult to you to recommend the most appropriate cloud applications for your needs, based on your workflows and geographic locations.

Don’t take a risk, plan it well for [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”your Organisation”], with CoreMind.

Your Account Management contact is David Kellam, on 1300 88 99 25 or (03) 9993 0400, or via email