1)                     Requests for service should be made either:

  1. In person, or
  2. Via telephone to 03 9993 0399, or
  3. Via email to

2)                     Each phone call, email or visit will result in a support ticket being created. Additional tickets may be needed to manage independent tasks or projects.

3)                     If you wish to “follow up” on a ticket, please reply to your existing ticket to avoid creating a new one. This will lower support costs and ensure our Service Level Agreement tracking works.


CoreMind will not facilitate the installation or support of unlicensed software.


IT infrastructure and services are complex and error-prone. It is not technically or commercially possible to eliminate all risks. As such, the Client needs to accept a certain level of risk in their infrastructure, data and support services. The level of risk accepted may not even be known or knowable in absolute terms.

CoreMind takes the confidentiality, security and continued operation of its clients systems and data very seriously. Our systems and recommendations are designed with this in mind. However, they are designed relative to a context – and that context is typically a default of wanting to spend the minimum, not the maximum or even necessarily a sufficient level on risk management. It is the Client’s responsibility to establish a risk management framework and to accept the costs of mitigation and the consequences of non-mitigation. CoreMind is able to provide technical input into the Client’s risk-related decisions, but is not responsible.

Specifically, and for instance, this means:

  • If there is data loss or operational downtime that the systems in place did not mitigate against, CoreMind is in no way responsible for this type of event
    • (e.g. if the system was designed to back up daily at 10pm and the system crashed at 9pm, that 23 hours of data loss is considered a “normal” part of the system’s design)
  • If there is a backup system failure and data is lost, CoreMind is not responsible for this unless it acted in a grossly negligent manner claimable under its Professional Indemnity insurance policies
  • If there is a security incident (e.g. a ransomware attack), CoreMind is in no way responsible for this type of event

CoreMind strongly recommends multi-tiered backup and security systems and is able to consult on designing, implementing and supporting these systems. However, even with such systems, data loss, operational disruption and security incidents may still occur. The Client should consider Cyber Risk Insurance, Business Continuity Insurance and the like to mitigate against this type of loss and disruption.


1)                     CoreMind is an IT Consulting company, not a retail store. All time spent discussing, planning, coordinating, executing, communicating and documenting your job is considered billable time. This includes time spent arranging to purchase items, whether from CoreMind’s wholesale suppliers, preferred retail suppliers or other stores.

2)                     CoreMind applies a margin to equipment, software and services are per the below policy. This payment covers processing and billing costs. Equipment specification, quoting, sourcing, purchase, delivery, setup and support are charged as consulting time.

  1. Items less than $100 incur a fixed $25 margin above cost
  2. Items between $100 and $1,000 incur a 25% margin above cost
  3. Items above $1,000 are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Margin may be lower than 25% e.g. in the case we are able to negotiate wholesale rates

3)                     Where CoreMind has a wholesale relationship with a supplier, such as for whole computer systems or servers, CoreMind will facilitate warranty exchange upon your request. When such a relationship exists, we will inform you. This is a back-to-base warranty and excludes all other consulting and support services. Specifically, any time spent diagnosing, any time on-site, any time arranging workarounds or the like is chargeable.

4)                     Specifically, where CoreMind has purchased items from a retail store, CoreMind has done so as your agent and is not the reseller. CoreMind is happy to supply the original retail invoice for you to claim your own warranty from the retailer or manufacturer, if so desired

5)                     We will include any manufacturer’s on-site warranty (e.g. Dell ProSupport) in our recommendations for your equipment repair plan. It is not always advisable to claim on this warranty, as it can often increase costs and introduce delays. E.g. Replacing a hard drive – a $100 part that CoreMind could buy on the spot and replace in one visit vs the time spent arranging a warranty, waiting for the part, then performing a second visit to fix things up afterwards. Generally speaking, this warranty is useful for custom parts, expensive to replace or repair parts or whole systems.

6)                     If you do wish to make a large warranty claim, we advise one of the following two courses of action:

  1. Doing this yourself directly with the manufacturer (we will supply relevant details), from your premises – some manufacturers include a return-to-base or
  2. For smaller items (anything less than a whole PC), CoreMind advises that seeking a warranty claim is not worth it given the likely consulting costs, business disruption and wait time. We are happy to advise you on how to do this yourself, if requested.

7)                     CoreMind will advise whether items are best purchased directly or from CoreMind. This will depend on a number of factors such as supplier, specification risk, warranty, costs and your DIY vs out-sourcing preferences. Some items, particularly cloud services, may only be available via direct purchase.

8)                     In the event you do not agree with this equipment policy, CoreMind will be unable to supply you with equipment and you will need to source this yourself. This is likely to result in additional time, costs and risks for you to do this, including costs for our advice.

9)                     If any equipment or third party services are required to assist you with your support, you may be required to either purchase these directly or provide upfront payment for the relevant item.  Upfront payment may include credit card payment where available with an at-cost payment surcharge (currently 2-3%). Please note that if items are required on short notice (e.g. due to part failure) it can take much longer to source these items than if at least 48 hours’ notice is provided, or longer for whole computer systems)


1)                     All time-related estimates are estimates only, unless explicitly stated, in writing (e.g. email), as a fixed-price. Actual costs may vary, potentially substantially. Your consultant will keep you abreast of developments where tasks or projects do not go as planned, but it is your responsibility to monitor costs. Cost-controlled plans are available, but with a minimum monthly commitment of $1,000. Beneath this, costs are strictly based on time & materials.

2)                     CoreMind will store system information, including passwords, in its documentation and password management systems unless you explicitly request otherwise. CoreMind does not warrant that these systems are completely error-free or impenetrable.

3)                     CoreMind will maintain remote access to your systems, perpetually, unless you advise us not to. In which case, setting up remote support every time will incur additional time costs. Where we do have persistent access, we promise not to use this except for the purpose of providing support to you.

4)                     Time spent invoicing or any service provided that does not meet the definition of having entailed a “reasonable professional standard” is considered unbillable time and is not charged. Undesirable outcomes, such as something working for a period of time and then not, except where due to professional negligence, are chargeable time to identify and rectify. CoreMind does not guarantee outcomes from technology as this is practically impossible. CoreMind does operate fixed-price fixed-scope plans for business, but these have a minimum monthly commitment of $1,000.