Initial information for your Organisation

With CoreMind’s Sharpest™ Report, you will gain unique insight into your Organisation‘s strengths and weaknesses in relation to technology.

We measure key areas, including:

      • Stakeholder Happiness
      • Productivity
      • Annual IT Costs
      • Efficiency
      • Security and;
      • Technology

The report comes formatted in an easy to read and understand 8 page report which includes industry benchmarks, Organisation grade, and important recommendations about how to improve areas which are deficient.

The Sharpest™ report will provide you with the ability to identify the cause of many Organisation Operational problems, and assist in the creation of an IT plan specifically designed for your Organisation.

Snippets of a sample report are included below. To get started, simply complete the form, and we’ll do the rest. There is absolutely no obligation after this report, and it is offered as a free service to all Organisations and businesses.