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With CoreMind’s Sharpest™ Report, you will gain unique insight into [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”your Organisation”]’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to technology.

We measure key areas, including:

      • Stakeholder Happiness
      • Productivity
      • Annual IT Costs
      • Efficiency
      • Security and;
      • Technology

The report comes formatted in an easy to read and understand 8 page report which includes industry benchmarks, Organisation grade, and important recommendations about how to improve areas which are deficient.

The Sharpest™ report will provide you with the ability to identify the cause of many Organisation Operational problems, and assist in the creation of an IT plan specifically designed for [capsule_contact detail=”organisation” placeholder=”your Organisation”].

Snippets of a sample report are included below. To get started, simply complete the form, and we’ll do the rest. There is absolutely no obligation after this report, and it is offered as a free service to all Organisations and businesses.