Your Organisation isn’t “off the shelf”, why should our recommendation be?

Here at CoreMind, we focus on planned technology that is right for your Organisation. Therefore we don’t just jump in with a recommendation before learning about your Organisation. We have developed a sales process that starts the relationship off on the best path, and which allows us to learn about the unique aspects of your Organisation so as to make the best recommendations to maximise your return on investment into Technology.

You’ll see a Sales Process flowchart directly below, with descriptions of what happens at each stage further down the page.

Here’s what we do at each stage in the process:

Step-1Introduction / Initial

In this stage, we provide information about CoreMind, how we work and what we do. We also learn a little about the current life cycle stage of  your Organisation and start the discovery of how we might best work together.

 Organisation Goals and Objectives

In this stage, we ask questions about  your Organisation goals and objectives, to better understand what motivates  your Organisation in order to make recommendations which will best suit the short, mid and long term operational strategy

Step-2Mutual Agreement

You may already have a defined idea of what you require, and simply want CoreMind to provide you with a quote for services. This is generally the case if  your Organisation has an internal IT function, and you need to outsource a portion of it, or you’re looking to utilise an external software development team to build core workflows between existing systems. If this is the case, we would continue down “Track #1”, otherwise, we dig a little deeper into the needs of  your Organisation through “Track #2”

Track #1

If you already have an idea of what you need, and the needs have a defined start and finish, i.e. “A project”. This applies to services such as Software Development, Office IT Relocation or Infrastructure planning

Step-3Requirements Document

We take a list of the deliverables you require from your project, and consult to  your Organisation about the best way to achieve what you require.

Step-5Scope of Works

We develop a list of items which need to be completed, and assess estimated time to complete

Track #2

If you don’t really know what is required, or need a company to manage your services ongoing. This applies to services such as Managed IT, Infrastructure Management, Cloud Services, IT Help Desk or General IT Consultancy

Step-4Business Audit

In this stage, we complete a business audit that looks at the following areas in depth:

        • What  your Organisation does
        • Software applications used in  your Organisation
        • Types of Infrastructure in  your Organisation
        • If  your Organisation is growing, shrinking, or staying the same
        • Efficiency of  your Organisation
        • Security concerns
        • Current IT plan
        • Disaster Recovery
        • Internet connectivity
        • How employees work, connect and collaborate

Step-6Sharpest™ Report

The Sharpest™ Report is generated from your answers to questions in the business audit, and provides an excellent spring board to make an informed recommendation. This report provides you with an in-depth  overview of industry benchmarks, Organisational grade and deficiencies within  your Organisation which allows you to focus in on areas which, with improvement, would have the greatest positive impact to  your Organisation.

The Sharpest™ Report provides grade, benchmarks and recommendations in the following areas:

        • Stakeholder Happiness
        • Annual IT Rate per seat
        • Productivity
        • Efficiency
        • Security
        • Technology

The Sharpest™ Report forms part of the recommendation and proposal process.


In the Recommendation stage, we provide a proposal based on our learnings through this process. This proposal will provide staged investment costings, total cost of ownership information, as well as expected outcomes.