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An “insourced” IT Director is a new approach to IT consulting. It means that we provide IT Director Services on an insourced or flexible basis. This means that large and small organisations can now gain access to strategic IT advice without having to make the significant investment normally required to bring these capabilities in-house.

Your IT Director – expertise without the big price tag.

Your IT Director is capable of addressing any number of situations, including:

• > Strategic planning to ensure that the vision for your organisation’s information technology is developed, documented and implemented.

• > Performance monitoring through establishment and measurement of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that matter to you.

• > Executive-level representation of the IT department to ensure that technology matters have the necessary visibility and understanding across all aspects of the business and at board level where needed.

• > Change management including investigation of new business systems requirements and IT policies, and workflow consulting and analysis. Your IT Director can also assist with IT project management and process improvement.

Just some of the benefits of working with us:


We’ll match the level of service needed to the size and complexity of your organisation, as well as the scope of services to be delivered. Insourced IT Director Services are available from a minimum of a half-day per month.

Specialist skills

Your insourced IT Director will have the necessary core capabilities as well as access to specialist skills and expertise to address specific customer needs or to assist in providing value-add services.

Month-to-month terms

Unless there are initialisation costs that have been agreed up-front, the IT Director Service can be procured on a month-by-month basis meaning that you are not tied into a long-term contract.

Embedded in your organisation

Our insourced IT Director Service will be fully embedded within your organisation ensuring that your staff benefit from working alongside a skilled professional to maximise the opportunities for knowledge transfer.

Need IT project management? Disaster recovery planning? We can help.

Your CoreMind IT Director comes with a myriad of skills. Whether you need assistance with IT project management or workflow processes, they can help. Some of the past roles our IT Director’s have undertaken include:

Systems Transformation
Non-profit sector

The CoreMind IT Director was originally engaged to develop the strategic IT plan for a major arts organisation and are now driving critical activities for the Managing Director.

Key to the success of this assignment has been our expertise in workflow and business processes.

The major successes that have resulted include enhanced reporting of technology expenditure, increased project assurance and new sponsorship arrangements.

Change Management
Non-profit sector

As an adjunct to the IT Director role, CoreMind has been implementing non-technical change management and process improvements for a performing arts organisation.

From an IT perspective, the solution involved the clever use of innovative technology that utilised scalable cloud services for streaming video. However, the benefits to the organisation have been more far-reaching including streamlined internal communications and more efficient operations.

Strategic Direction
Non-profit sector

David Kellam, Managing Director of CoreMind, has been appointed as the insourced IT Director of a prominent charitable foundation. David provides strategic direction and technology to the leadership team and presents relevant initiatives to the Board.

The assignment has significantly enhanced the strategic capability of the organisation in terms of both project delivery and operations, as well as contributing to significant cost savings.

Business Engagement

Lead by the insourced IT Director, our collaborative approach to software development and selection has increased stakeholder engagement and project responsiveness to feedback, resulting in quality outcomes increased user satisfaction.

Access integrated strategy, systems and custom software with CoreMind.

At CoreMind our commitment is to efficiently manage IT, realise technology plans, boost productivity, save money and harness IT innovation. We keep it simple, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your IT support is in expert hands.

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